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We’ve always got something exciting going on here at Banana Moon Kingsbury, and you’ll find all the latest updates and events right here!
From the fabulous activities your little ones have been getting up to, to sharing inspection results or important updates, this is your one-stop shop for everything Banana Moon.

Exclusion Periods

@BananaMoon - 11 months ago

#News #childcare #eyfs #bananamoonkingsbury #wellbeing

We have exclusion periods for a reason, please follow them.

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The Role Of Key Person

@BananaMoon - 11 months ago

#News #childcare #bananamoonkingsbury #wellbeing

Find out why we have key persons and how important they are!

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Graduation At Banana Moon Kingsbury

@BananaMoon - 1 year ago

#News #childcare #bananamoonkingsbury #wellbeing #earlyyears #graduation

It is always a sad day when our pre-school leave to go on their school adventures but always make sure we have a day dedicated to them to celebrate all their achievements over their years here at Banana Moon!

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Mental Health & Well-being

@BananaMoon - 1 year ago

#mentalhealth #wellbeing #earlyyears #bananamoonkingsbury

Here at Kingsbury we've had our fair share of issues, that include 2 floods and a break in, all of which have had an impact on the team & families on their mental health and well being. We've worked as team and put things into place to ensure everyone is happy and supported. We wanted to share our TOP 10 TIPS TO CALM YOUR MIND!

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We are confident you will appreciate our nursery, its setting and facilities. Should you wish to visit, we are available at any time to meet with you. Any comments or input from parents are always welcome.

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