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What are open ended questions?

What are open ended questions?


> They cannot be answered with yes or no
> They do not have a right or wrong answer
> They encourage discussion, not short answers
> They do not assume too much about the activity or situation you are questioning.
> They give control to the child. 


> Can you tell me about…
> I wonder…. 
> How many do you think… 
> What did you do at the weekend? 
> What tools shall we use?
> Where does _____ live? 
> How old am I? 
> Can you explain? 
> Tell me about your family? 

Open ended questions really helps a child with their language. It allows them to think about their answer and experiment with words
Top Tip: Wait 10 seconds after asking a child a question- this gives them time to process and think before they answer. 

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