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We Went To The Zoo!!!

We Went To The Zoo!!!

Our Trip To The Zoo... 

On Monday 31st July, the whole nursery went on a trip to our local zoo (Twycross Zoo). We wanted to do a trip with the children to support some of their interest in animals, learning outcomes and to mostly make memories that will last a life time. 

Amy, our manager, organised the trip, book the coached and carried out risk assessments to make sure it was safe to go. With help from the wonderful team at Twycross zoo, parents and the team, the trip was a huge success!! 

We split off into groups, as some parents and children met us and it wasn't so overwhelming for the team and children. The three groups went off to explore different areas of the zoo, meeting up for lunch, before splitting off again. In total we were at the zoo for 6 hours and it went by so quickly. We managed to see all of the animals and spent most of our time in the Gruffalo Discovery Land, as our children LOVE this story!! 

Some of the animals were saw were: giraffes, gorillas, a tiger, monkeys, zebra's, meerkats, owls, reptiles and rhinos- that is just to name a few. Whilst back a nursery we began to study and learn about animals prints and habitats, this was super interesting and we have extended this to outside learning and parent partnership.  

The children did us so proud and all the staff team were so proud of themselves for helping plan an outing on such a big scale! 

Shall we plan anymore trips? Where shall we go? Any ideas? 

@BananaMoon - 3 months ago

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