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Toilet Training

Toilet Training

When is best to start toilet training? 

Truth be told there isn't a best time to start toilet training but the research suggest to stop using nappies between 18 months and 30 months. You do not need to wait for your child to decide that they do not want to be in nappies any longer, as the learning about toilet training can start very early on. 
Children learn best through play, practice and repetition. 

What do I need to start toilet training? 

  • A potty (more than one if possible so you can take a spare on in the car, to nursery or out and about) 
  • Childs toilet seat & footstep- as some children feel happier going straight to the toilet, having these items will make them feel secure and safe. 

Potty Training Tips 

  • Try and change nappies or pullups as soon as they become wet or soiled, as this teaches the children that it is normal to be clean and dry. 
  • Once your child can stand, do nappy changes stood and encourage them to join in when cleaning themselves & flushing poo down the toilet, as it teaches them where wee & poo's go. 
  • Introduce nappy free time into your child's routine. 
  • Introduce a potty early, either to role play with or in the bathroom so you can encourage them to practice sitting on it. 
  • Make sure, when you stop using nappies completely, it is a good. Try and avoid this action if big changes are happening as they can upset the routine and sometimes send them backwards. 
  • Dress them in less clothes, so it easier for them to remove items when going to the toilet. 
  • Try and avoid using pullups and going back into nappies. 
  • When toilet training alongside your child's nursery, pack LOTS of clothes and pants. 

How do I know if my child is ready to toilet train? 

  • They know when they have a wet or soiled nappy
  • They know the feelings of going for a wee/poo and may even tell you they are doing it. 
  • The gap between them weeing is about an hour 
  • They show physical signs of needing a wee/poo, such a fidgeting or hiding. 
  • Showing interest in the toilet/potty. 

How will we support you at nursery? 

At Banana Moon we strive to work alongside you as parents in support your child on their toilet training journey. We will offer helpful advice and listen to your ideas, thoughts and concerns. We may notice some signs that your child is ready to progress and discuss this with you, but work very closely with you and your child to do this. We will follow what you are doing at home so the child does not get confused. We will encourage you to bring plenty of spare clothes and pants and a potty from home (if they are using one) as this can help the child feel more comfortable. 
It is important to remember, that the children may have more accidents at nursery as it is a different environment to home and have to face a lot of distractions (such as friends, toys and activities) We will encourage the children to go to the toilet regularly and praise them each time. 
If you have any questions, worries or concerns around potty training, your child's key person is the best person to speak too- we are also happy to issue you with a copy of our policy for further support and guidance. 

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