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The Importance Of Messy Play

The Importance Of Messy Play
Here at Banana Moon Kingsbury we love to get messy and have a great time. We use lots of different materials and resources to have fun and create ever lasting memories.
Now, we know from our own experiences that messy play can be a little daunting but it is something we love and promote in the nursery environment. It essentially allows children the freedom to explore a range of materials freely.

Messy play opens a world of imagination and exploration. It allows children to develop a range of gross and fine motor skills. It also helps with children's communication and language skills by opening up conversations with EYP's and peers.

We, as a nursery team have always said "it is not a successful day if we do not come home covered in at least something!!" and messy play is usually why we have all sorts down our uniform. Our EYP's love to get involved and be as messy as the children, as this can encourage the children who may struggle in social situations to join in and build on their confidence during group play. 

The benefits of messy play our endless. It broadly links to all elements of our Early Learning and Development Programme and The EYFS. (This can include, early mathematics, literacy, communication and language, personal and social skills, physical development, understanding the world and imagination

Our Top Tips For Messy Play 
  1. Send your little one in clothes you do not mind getting stained or dirty. 
  2. Ask us for tips and ideas if you'd like to take part at home 
  3. Research ideas on the web - you can even find "non messy, messy play"
  4. Avoid directing the play and allow your little one to lead you
  5. Get stuck in yourself, it is actually quite fun! 

What do you do with your little ones at home? 

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