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Starting Nursery

Starting Nursery

Find A Nursery That's Right For You 

This can be the tricky part as there is usually plenty of day nurseries in your local area but whether or not they have availability is a stumbling block.
A Day Nursery/ Preschool have strict government guidelines they must follow in order to remain 'legal' which includes sticking to a ratio with different age groups (you can find more about this on our website, if you click here) which can sometimes hinder the capacity of a room or building. 
We would recommend you look around a few that you like the look of and visit them for a tour and ask as many questions you can think of to answer any of your worries/concerns. 
You will need to take into consideration things that are personal to you, here are some examples:
  • Outdoor Access
  • Availability 
  • Sleep Room For Nap Time
  • Opening Hours
  • Cost & Do They Except Funding
  • Room Space, Toys and Activities 
  • Meal & Any Allergies 

What you want from a  nursery will differ from each family, some need it as the parents are full time workers where as other want it for their children to socialise. Your child care requirements are personal to you. 

Once You've Found The One

Each nursery will differ here, but we will speak about how the process works personally to our nursery. Once you have decided that you want your little one to join our nursery, we send over a "Secure my place" form and the banking details to pay your non-refundable, £50 registration fee to. Once we have received this back we will write to confirm the arrangements and pop them into our new starters folder. Around 1 month before their proposed start day we will contact you again to organise some settle sessions so that you can meet the team properly and your little one can explore and meet their new friends. 

Settle Sessions 

We will usually do 3 or more settle sessions before their actual start date. This will allow them to get used to being around new people and children, as well as gaining a little independence. The first settle will always be for an hour, and this is when we sit with you and fill out the remaining paperwork that needs doing and talk all about your little one with the 'initial' key person so they can follow the routine you have at home as closely as possible. 
Once they have been with us for a a couple of weeks the staff within the room will make a decision based of the children's wants/needs, who their key person will be- it is always the member of staff who has the best bond with them. 

Our App

We have an app that allows you to see everything your child is doing during the day and it is called "Banana Moon Parent App". Its free to download from the app or play store. You get updates throughout the day that include food, nappies, bottles, sleeps and activities. 
The app allows you to put information on there about their routine, likes and dislikes, favourite food & toys and all the routine information we may need. It allows you to add observations from home and send pictures to us and we can respond. It really helps all parents when their child starts nursery as they get to be a fly on the wall and see what their really getting up too! 

What To Pack 

Now, it is up to you what you choose to pack for your child's nursery bag but here are our, top suggestions... 
  • Bag
  • Nappies
  • Wipes
  • Cream
  • Sun Cream (Seasonal) 
  • Sun Hat (Seasonal) 
  • Winter Hat (Seasonal) 
  • Wellies (Seasonal) 
  • Lots of Spare Clothes
  • Comforters 
  • Dummies (If Used) 
  • Bottles (Sterilised and not premade) 
  • Formula (If used, but can also be brought in and stored at nursery) 
  • Coat (Seasonal) 

Please remember, it is completely normal for your little ones to get upset when separating from you but we promise, we give them lots of love, cuddles and distractions to take their mind off being away from you and before you know it, they will be settled and confident with hand over. 
And as always, if you have any questions at all! Please reach out by emailing us or giving us a call!!

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