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Process Over Product

Process Over Product

What does Process Over Product Mean? 

When the children are creating wonderful works of art, sometimes adults get involved as they want it to look "perfect" but when doing this it no longer is the child's work. Yes, sure, it looks nice when their handprint is perfectly laid out and turned into Santa at Christmas but 9/10 the adult did all of the work. From painting the child's hand a particular colour, the placement of the hand and the perfectly placed eyes. When this is the case, the children do not even recognise their own art work and it not special to them. This becoming Product over Process. Meaning we prefer for it to look "perfect" rather than unique. 

How do we do it? 

The way we like to do things here at Banana Moon is not to focus on the end product but rather the process behind the art work. We allow the children the explore and choose the resources themselves. We get excited when the children show us their brown sun, blue cows and green bananas. We praise them and encourage their creativeness. We ask open ended questions to get the children talking about their process and it becomes a happy memory. The children can confidently go and select their creation to take home and will remember small details from their masterpiece. We do not use templates, we let the children create their own version of things. Yes, that squiggle on the paper may just look like a squiggle to you BUT a child has put so much care and attention into that one squiggle that in their mind, it is the tallest skyscraper in the city and it has yellow windows with pink spots. We listen to what the children have to say, we challenge and explore the answers that they give. We get involved and create our own pictures to show the children the way that we would do it. We celebrate each child's individuality. It is truly amazing what they can create when they can explore and freely create. 

How can you do this at home? 

  • Allow children access to multiple resources including different coloured paint, paper, crayons, pom poms, feathers etc. 
  • Sit back and let the children, be children. Listen to your child and ask open ended questions such as; "Tell me about your picture?" "What is your picture about?" 
  • Don't rush them, masterpieces take time. 

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