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Our Top 10 Books For Children -Recommended By Our Children

Our Top 10 Books For Children -Recommended By Our Children

Top 10

10. Little Red Riding Hood (By Several Authors)
 9. Bunnies On The Bus (By Phillip Ardagh)
 8.  Snail and The Whale (By Julia Donaldson)
 7. The Tiger Who Came To Tea (By Judith Kerr)
 6. The Smartest Giant In Town (By Julia Donaldson)
5. Stick Man (By Julia Donaldson)
 4. Superworm (By Julia Donaldson)
 3. Zog (By Julia Donaldson)
 2. We're Going On A Bear Hunt (Michael Rosen)
 1. The Gruffalo (By Julia Donaldson) 

Reading a story to your child opens a whole new world of communication, language and imagination. It opens a world of wonder and allows them to explore in fantasy play. The benefits of reading to your child are endless. 

Our Children here at Kingsbury, LOVE a good book and we often base activities around stories that the children have been reading on repeat. It sparks an interest and engages the children, which helps them to learn more and stay focused. 

Back in 2021 we introduced our mini library that sits in our foyer, which allows the children to have access to different books to take home or even bring into the room. This has proved rather popular with the children and their families. 

In our garden, we also introduced our 'Stage' which allowed the children to act out their favourite books and really express their imagination in the most creative way. 

Let us know what your favourite book is... 

Stay tuned for our World Book Day Announcement 

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