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Our Staff In The Spotlight: Lucy

Our Staff In The Spotlight: Lucy

How did your childcare journey begin? 

I qualified as a level 3 practitioner in 2015, after a gap year to figure things out I got my first ever nursery job at Banana Moon Baddesley Ensor September 2016. I have travelled to Oxfordshire 2018 to live with my husband in the military and joined Banana Moon Chipping Norton before buying our house back home in 2020 and joining the team at Kingsbury. 

How long? 

I’ve worked at Banana Moon Kingsbury for 3 years in August, but banana moon as a company 7 years in September! 

What is your favourite thing about your job? 

Helping those children with SEND - it’s a big passion of mine. Also gaining amazing bonds with the children and family and watching them grow both physically and mentally into the bright young generation! 

Who inspired you to go into childcare? 

Nobody in particular however more like what inspired you! When I was in high school I was part of a challenge where myself and a few other students from my year group traveled over to Saxon hill special education school in Lichfield and worked with a few disabled and SEN pupils (same ages as us) we worked together and then went over to Cannock Chase to do obstacle courses and team building - I loved every minute of it and my love for SEN began there! 

What is your proudest moment of your career? 

I helped a young boy speak. He was non verbal and after doing lots and lots of one to one, I finally was able to get sounds out of him and blend them together to say his name. Even speech and language who came out was struggling to get him to speak but I made them hide one time in the room so they could hear him speak. They was amazed and it will always be my proudest achievement. 

What is your favourite children’s books? 

The GRUFFALO - of course! 

What is your favourite nursery rhyme? 

Oh gosh I have so many. Tiny Tim, wind the bobbin up, if you’re happy and you know it! One man went to Moe, this old man he played… 
I can’t just pick one! 

@BananaMoon - 1 year ago

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