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Our Memory Garden

Our Memory Garden
Why a memory garden?
We have decided to create an outdoor space where we can remember those we have lost. The space will be peaceful and calm and allow our staff and families to honour those they have lost and give them somewhere to remember them.
Claire, our outdoor co-ordinator started creating the garden to help Amy (our manager) come back to work after losing her daughter (Gracie).

What can you do?
As part of our January parent partnership, we have been sending home some butterflies for you to decorate and dedicate to a loved one if you wish. We will them laminate the butterflies and your little one can hang it up in the garden.
We are also happy for you to plant a flower or decorate a pebble to help brighten up the memory garden. Just let us know if you'd like to do this. You are also more than welcome to leave flowers or your own decorations. 

Where is the memory garden? 
The memory garden progress has just begun but you can visit anytime! If you follow the footpath down the side of the nursery, you will see a tiny tree by the entrance to the ally way. We are hoping to have some fencing around this soon to make it more visible. So keep your eyes peeled!! 

We are hoping the garden will be finished by early February so keep your eyes on our Facebook page for more updates. 

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