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Our Medication Policy

Our Medication Policy

Prescribed medicines 

Prescribed medicines are those that have been prescribed by a doctor, dentist or nurse for the child. We are unable to care for children who are on any form of prescribed medication until 24 hours after their first dose. This is to ensure that any reactions a child may have to the medication will occur when they are cared for by their parents. 
All prescribed medicines must contain a full pharmacy label (please note: hospital labels may be handwritten) on the medicine container or the original packaging, detailing the child’s full name and date of birth. In addition to this, the label must be legible, have the pharmacy details, the date the medication was prescribed and the length of the prescription. No handwritten amendments are permitted. 

Administering prescribed medication – after 24 hours: 

1. Upon arrival at the nursery, the parent will fill in a Prescribed Medication Form. Prescribed medicine can only be given to the person named on the bottle and for the dosage stated as per the prescription label. 
2. Staff member will check the form over to see if all boxes have been filled in and to check where the medicine needs to be stored. 
3. All Level 3 qualified employed staff with a current first aid certificate are permitted to administer the medicine and witnessed by a Level 2 qualified and employed staff member. 
4. Staff must follow the prescription label when administering any medication. 
5. When the parent collects the child, they will be asked to sign the form to confirm that they have been made aware of the administration. 

 Medicines over the counter 

Should a child require any medication that is not prescribed, the nursery will follow the manufacturer’s Nursery Operational Plan 115 guidance to administer the medicine. The parent will communicate with the nursery on previous doses given and all over-the-counter medicine will be logged onto the Medication Log. The 24-hour ruling does not apply to this type of medication; however, a till receipt/proof of purchase must be given with the medication as evidence of a recent purchase. 
'Below are examples of what the nursery may administer: 
• Digestion relief – e.g. Infacol, gripe water 
• Eye drops • Ear drops 
• Decongestants – e.g. saline solution or Snuffle baby 
• Teething gels/powders • Skin conditions/dry skin creams 
• Allergy relief products. 

Below is a list of medicines we will not administer unless prescribed. 
• Cough medicine 
• Medicines containing aspirin. 

This is not an exhaustive list of medication that the nursery will administer. The nursery reserves the right to not administer medicine from home if there is not a clear need. Over-the-counter medicine will be logged and reviewed to ensure it is used correctly and for its intended purpose. A parent MUST give consent for all medicine prior to administering, using the appropriate paperwork. If the member of staff is unsure what type of medicine the child is receiving, they must clarify this with a member of the Management team before they agree with the parent to the nursery administering it. 

 Long term 

Where a child has a long-term medical need, they may require a Health Care Plan to be put in place to detail any additional needs and how the nursery can accommodate the child’s needs. All long-term medication will require a monthly Long-term Medication Record. This will be reviewed every month to check the child still has a need and to detail any changes in line with their Health Care Plan. Long-term medication is typically prescribed medication: inhalers, skin creams etc 

If you ever have any questions, please speak to the team!! 

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