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October News Letter

October News Letter

Important Dates & Events for November & December

Tuesday 1st November: Halloween Party 
Thursday 10th November: Wear something yellow for Gracie 
Friday 11th November: Wear something red for Remembrance Day
Friday 18th November: Children In Need- Comfy Day!
Monday 28th November: Christmas Photo’s (Please put a change of clothes in your child’s bag and ensure a member of staff is made aware so we can get them changed into an outfit you would like. If your child does not attend a Monday and you’d like photo’s taken, please advise a member of staff and we can book you a time slot) 
Saturday 3rd December: Christmas Fete 2022 11am until 3pm. Raising money for The Lily Mae Foundation- stay tuned to social media & your emails as more information will follow. 

Polite Reminders: 

·         We encourage you to label any clothing or personal belongings to avoid them getting lost. 
·         Please provide winter clothing including a hat, gloves, coat and (wellies (if you wish) 
·         No toys to be brought into nursery. If they are the children are encouraged to put them away to keep them safe. Please note comforters are allowed. 
·         If your child is not well & not themselves, please keep them at home. 

Teenie Moons

During October the Teenie Moons have been learning all about Diwali. This is a festival celebrated as part of Hinduism and is also known as the festival of light. The children have created beautiful artwork, experienced messy play such as colourful rice and playdough. 

The Staff in Teenie Moons have also introduced “Proud Clouds” to celebrate the children when they have done something amazing no matter how big or small. So, if you little one has done something amazing, share it with us so we can celebrate! 

The Teenie Moons also held a stay and play that was very successful and cannot wait to have more 

A Warm Welcome.

We’d like to well WELCOME Becca!! She started in September, and she has settled in really well and has an amazing bond with the children already and we cannot wait to see her develop! 

Mini Moons

Mini Moons have been focusing on Autumn and the seasoning transitioning. They have taken part in lots of fun activities that have involved loose parts to add some risks to the environment (adult supervision of course) and lots of messy play. 
The Mini’s have also been learning about Diwali by creating tealights & rangoli patterns. The older Mini Moons learnt some key facts and new words, whilst the younger ones focused on playing together and learning new words. 
Halloween is also on the horizon for the Mini Moons and the spooky season fun has started to begin- keep an eye on our social media for pictures of all the fun we have been having!! Check out your parent partnership bags for some fun at home 😊

We also had a ‘Sports Man’ come to the nursery to provide a free 45 minuet session for the children to take part in different sport to support their well-being. The children absolutely loved this and had so much! Our children got a football session to head up their imagination for the world cup starting in November. 

Full Moons 

Full Moons have had a jam-packed October, starting off by celebrating Space Week! They enjoyed learning lots of new facts and opening their mind to what could be and what is in space. They created beautiful designs of they rendition of the planets and learnt about the solar system through messy play and investigation. 
They then carried on and learnt about Diwali by making tealights and more amazing paintings. They have been focusing on ‘being a global citizen’ and focusing on the world around them. 
Halloween is coming up for Full Moons and they will be celebrating by dressing up, party games and messy play!  

Uniform For Preschool 

Megan has been asking Pre-school parents if they’d like to purchase uniform. The price list is here; so if you are still interested please let Megan know and we can get an order popped in once the money has been received. 
Polo Shirt: £5.78 Each 
 Jumpers: £8.25 Each
 Backpack: £8.25 Each
 Book Bag: £4.40 Each 

Moon’s Adventures 2022

Moon has been travelling here there and everywhere and Moon & The team have realised that 2022 is ending with only November and December to go!! 
Over the Summer Moon has been to Ibiza (twice!), America, Blackpool, camping and to the seaside multiple times. 
Where do you think his last few adventures will be? 

Welcome Back! 

At the end of October, Amy returned to nursery after she had to have an operation. She has made a full recovery and we are really excited to have her back at Kingsbury!   

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