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Newsletter August 2023

Newsletter August 2023

Important Dates for Your Diary 

Monday 11th September Mini Moons Stay & Play 3pm-430pm.
Roald Dahl Day: Wednesday 13th September- Dress up as a classic Roald Dahl character. 

International Events We Will Be Learning About: 

9th September – Emergency Services Day 
6th September – Read a Book Day
21st September- World Gratitude Day & Alzheimer's Day
22nd September – World Rhino Day 
23rd September- International Day of Sign Languages & Beginning of Autumn. 
24th September- Yom Kippur 

Teenie Moons 

During August, Teenie Moons have been a little quiet as lots of children have been on holiday but that hasn’t stopped them from having a lot of fun! 
They went on some adventures around the local area and enjoyed visits to the park. 
The children have also been enjoying lots of different messy play activities, following their interests but also linking to our ELDP by supporting them with different learning outcomes, such as extending their vocabulary, establishing a dominant hand & playing alongside and with others. 
We very kindly got gifted a story from author Archie Dunnett (who is Mark Bates’ godson). The book is called Chasing Squirrels and the children really enjoyed it. The book focuses on 3 cats discovering they have a new neighbor! 
The Teenie Moons have also prepared for September when many of the children are turning 2, the EYP’s have been focusing on transitions and getting the children prepared for their next adventure.  

Mini Moons

The Mini Moons have been so busy in August. They have taken part in Lazy & Relaxation Day- focusing on mental well-being. The team always provide an environment that focuses on well-being, but they created an environment that represented a spa, so they have foot bath, chilled music and face masks. 
A few of the children have had some different interests this month too so the EYPS have been providing lots of different invitations to play and focused activities to allow the children to learn through play. They focused on animals, dinosaurs, cars and space. 
Over the past few weeks, the children in Mini Moons had been focusing on colours and as you can see, this Mini Moon was very proud of herself for completing her parent partnership activity. She searched in nature to find all the different items that matched the wheel! 

Full Moons 

We are bidding farewell to 4 of our lovely Full Moons as they leave us to start their big school journey. The children have been amazing over the past 3.5 years and have overcome so many challenges, including a global pandemic! We are so proud of them and cannot wait to see how much they blossom at school. Good Luck!! 
As a treat, Amy & Megan treated them to a trip to the snowdome to celebrate. They had lots of fun at snow play. They enjoyed throwing snowballs at the team and going down the slide!
At nursery the Full Moons have been securing knowledge around healthy eating and the world we live in. They have focused on the US domain of the ELDP and have learnt a lot whilst having fun. They also have taken an interest in self-care, so the staff have been following their lead during play. AS you can see, we have had many pamper days (including nail painting and face masks!) 
We cannot wait to see what September brings! 

Muddy Moons 

We’ve not had the best summer weather in Kingsbury over the past few months, but we have tried to make the most of it. 
The children have been enjoying harvesting the tomatoes they have grown and looking after our pets. 
The children have been embracing nature. We have had lots of little visitors in our pond and bug hotel. It really was fantastic to see our nature reserve in action! 
In the next few months, we are hoping to extend Muddy Moons to include more risky play so stay tuned for updates! 

Munching Moons

During August, the children across all age groups have been taking an active role in making their own food. This has enabled them to see how food is made, talk about healthy eating and healthy habits around food. This month we’ve made different varieties of pizza, smoothies, and tacos. We cannot wait for September to see what delights we create! 

Staff News 

We’d like to wish our Manager, Amy, a very happy wedding day as she gets married on Friday 29th September 2023 when she will take the name Amy Mercer. She will be on annual leave from Wednesday 27th September until October 10th. 


We want to welcome Keira to the team! She is currently a student but has joined the team for school holidays. She is much loved by the staff, children, and parents! 


Our Moon has very sadly gotten lost and has been missing since going to the Zoo! Check our social media pages to find out where he has ended up as we try to get him home!! 

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