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Graduation At Banana Moon Kingsbury

Graduation At Banana Moon Kingsbury
On Saturday 6th August, we celebrated some incredible children that are leaving our setting to start their new adventures. 
Some children are leaving for school, whilst others are going to pre-schools closer to home ready for school next year. 

Each year it doesn't get easier to say goodbye, as often the staff team have watched them grow and develop from Teenie Moons right until the very end! 
To watch them start at whatever age, to watching them leave for school comes with a lot of emotions- including sadness and happiness, but most of all how proud we are of them. 

Isabelle, planned a fantastic day for her Pre-schools and the team all chipped in from buying gifts, making cakes, blowing up balloons and decorating. We were treated to a show from The Wings Family, who preformed a Disney show full of the children's favourite songs and characters. We then had a presentation to celebrate each individual and amazing child, followed by speeches, food and party games- we even had a mobile sweet van come and give the children all a slushie and a pic n mix! 

We cannot thank all the staff involved enough, as Graduation is an event we love to put so much effort into! 

This year we were especially thankful to the parents after the flood and all the support over the years that they have been at the nursery with their child/ren. 

Once again, we are so proud of all of the children and cannot wait to hear updates on their school journey!  

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