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Family Information Service

Family Information Service

What is the Family Information Service? 

The Family Information Service (FIS) is a support service where families can gain free important information, guidance and support. The service covers a range of support ranging from new parents to adoption, financial strain and housing.
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Who Can Access the Family Information Service? 

Anyone can access this service. 

Do I Have To Pay? 

No. It is a free service offered by Warwickshire to help and support families in the local area. 

How Do I Contact FIS? 
Use their website, (listed above or below) to contact them, or simply visit their website to view other ways of gaining help & support. 

What is Early Help?

This is a service offered to potential vulnerable children and young people in families. The aim of Early Help is to ensure the right support is offered at the right time to try and stop problems escalating and making children vulnerable and/or in need. Early help is sustainable so problems are less likely to reoccur. 


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