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Exclusion Periods

Exclusion Periods 

Please be aware of the following exclusion periods for common childhood illnesses. Unfortunately, we are bound by policy and need to keep everybody safe.
 More information can be found at:
Diarrhoea or Vomiting: 48 hours after last bout. We will ask for early collection from nursery if they have had 3 bouts of ANY and we reserve the right to ask you to keep them off nursery after any amount IF there is a sickness bug going round. This is to limit the spread and prevent room closures. 
Chicken Pox: Until all spots have crusted over. 
Hand, foot and mouth: No exclusion period but if they are unwell, please keep them at home. 
Scarlett Fever: Child can return 24 hours after first dosage of anti-biotics but if they are unwell, please keep them off. 
Covid 19: Should not attend if have a high temperature or are unwell. 3 days after positive test result. 
Flu: Until recovered. 
Headlice: None 
Measles: 4 days from onset of rash. 
Rubella: 5 days from onset of rash. 

Please refer to the link above, on more common childhood illnesses and their exclusion periods.

Our Temperature Policy: 
A temperature over 37.5°C (99.5°F) is considered a fever. 
If the child’s temperature is above 37.5°C and in consultation with the Nursery Manager, staff will make the child as comfortable as possible and try to reduce the child’s temperature, by removing or loosening items of clothing, providing fresh drinking water and allowing them to cool down gradually by giving them a space within the environment to have some quiet time. If the child’s temperature does not decrease, then the nursery will inform the parent of the situation and administer liquid paracetamol as per the parent’s written consent on file.
 If contact is not possible with the parent, and if written consent is on file, the nursery will administer a liquid paracetamol to the child. The child must be in attendance at the nursery for more than four hours to ensure duplication of medication is not given. 
If the child’s temperature goes down following medication being administered, the child can stay at nursery; however, they will be monitored. If the temperature increases again and the medication time has expired, another dose may be given but parents must be contacted to collect. 

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