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Car & Road Safety

Car & Road Safety


Each year there are over 100,000 road traffic accidents in the UK, with an estimate of 1500 results in deaths. Choosing and using the right car seat for your child, might just save their life one day. 

What Does The Law Say? 

Child need to be a car seat until they are 12 years old or over 135cm, which ever comes first. If this is not being followed, a £60 fixed penalty fine may be issues along with 3 points on your driving licence. If you are driving a vehicle you are responsible for EVERYONE inside, so making sure everyone has a seatbelt on is very important too!! 

Top Tips 

1. Follow the law
2. Make sure the seat is fitted correctly- many companies like Halford will help install a car seat if you are unsure. 
3. Remove any coats or blankets from the child, as this stops the seat belts working efficiently. 
4. Never remove your child from the seat, whilst the vehicle is moving. 
5. Never travel with anything rolling about on the dashboard or parcel shelf. If you brake sharply this will travel at speeds of 30mph, causing injury. 
6. Activate child safety locks on door and windows. 

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