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Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night 

Remember , remember the 5th of November, gun powder, treason and plot!

Bonfire Night is a well known event up and down the UK and is celebrated by many families. Although it is a very fun occasion, there are many hidden dangers. 

Top Tips: 
1) Never drink alcohol whilst lighting fireworks or bonfires. 
2) Make sure children are not wearing loose or flammable clothing and tie their hair back. 
3) Supervise children AT ALL TIMES. 
4) Light fireworks at arms length and use a safety lighter. 
5) Never return to a lit firework- even if it hasn't gone off. 

Sparkler Safety: 
1) Only let children over 5 use sparklers but supervise at all times!
2) Wear gloves when holding a sparkler and keep it at arms length. 
3) Never run whilst holding / using a sparkler. 
4) Never touch the HOT end of a sparkler, even after the sparks have died out. 
5) When the sparkler has finished, place into a bucket of water or sand. 

We hope you have a safe and fantastic weekend!! 🎇🎆

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