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April 2023 Newsletter

Important Dates for Your Diary 

Wednesday 10th May 2023: Coronation Garden Party (all age groups) 2.30pm-4pm. [Please let the team know by Thursday 4th of May if you are going to attend so we can order the current amount of to do]
 Tuesday 16th May 2023 Well-Being evening- parents/grandparents only. Come along for a chat & a chill and talk about mental health and well-being. 6.30pm-7.30pm. Food will also be provided. [A few staff will be staying too to help with childcare so please let us know if you’d like to come- goodie bag included] 
On Saturday 17th June 2023 (11am-1pm) we will be having a Father’s Day BBQ. Please keep the date in your and let us know if you’d like to attend. 

International Events We Will Be Learning About: 

The Kings Coronation (6th May) 
 World Mental Health Week. (15th-18th May) 


Teenie Moons 

During April the Teenie Moons had so much fun. They have been exploring lots of different messy/sensory activities to explore their senses and work on using tools to establish a dominant hand and using single and simple words. 
The Teenie Moons have also really enjoyed exploring sound and using the new musical instruments to create tunes and music. 
 Another resource that the children have enjoyed is our new wooden blocks. They are all different shapes and sizes and make for building the best structures- the Teenie Moon pictured balanced the blocks to make a tower taller than him! 
 The Teenie Moons have also been exploring the garden more recently too and with the warmer months approaching fast, there will be lots of activities outside coming soon and hopefully some external visits! 

Mini Moons 

The Mini Moons have taken a huge interest into baking recently and have create delicous treats such as biscuits and cakes. They have been able to follow simple instructions from an EYP and share/turn take with their peers. Kim has also been doing some Munch Moons sessions with the children to allow them to experience something different and offer opportunities to all children! 
 They have been outside to explore nature as Muddy Moons is back up and running for the spring/summer. They have spotted some creepy crawlies and have loved exploring the new mud kitchen that Claire has build with donations from our lovely families. 
 Mini Moons has also had some new staff start in the room, so we’d like to offer a warm welcome to Kelly & Georgia. Kelly will be the room leader and Georgia will shortly be starting an apprentaship with us.  

Full Moons 

The Full Moons have been working really hard on their turn taking this month. They EYP’s have been providing lots of opportunities for the children to learn to take turns, with games and activities. 
Megan and Lucy have also been implementing school readiness, as it will soon be time of some of our wonderful children to take their next steps in life by moving to school (please can any parents whose children are leaving us to go to school, please inform us which school this will be), They have been focusing on recognising letters and numbers, as well as independence. 
On top of that the children have been learning all  about the royal familiy as the Kings Coronation is coming up at the start of May. They have been learning all about why he is becoming king and what will happen on the day. They have made their own crowns, decorations and yummy treats! 
Debbie also came to visit- she is doing really well and responding to treatment. 

Kim has been testing the menus recently to add new dishes and this one went down a treat!! 
 (Just remember, children under 1 are not to have honey!) 
If you have any suggestions, please let us know so we can add them to our summer menu! 


In Other News… 

A Warm Welcome
Please welcome Grace, Kelly & Georgia to the team!!


Megan will be celebrating her birthday at the end of the month, so Happy Birthday Meg!! 


Munching Moons 

Kim has been rolling out Munching Moons across the nursery again and the children have loved it!! This month they have made Pizza and Ice cream. If you have any suggestions on what they can make, let Kim know!! 

Muddy Moons

Muddy Moons is back up and running and Claire has been working around the clock to source items from the local community and all our lovely families. Thank you to all of you who have donated, it has been greatly appreciated and the children are really enjoying it. We also have some new pets- 4 fish and 2 African snails.  Keep an eye on our social media for updates 😊 

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